Now it's time to make your voice heard

Any EU citizen with temporary or permanent residence in Brno is entitled to vote in the municipal elections. Here's what Žít Brno does for foreigners and how you can help us make life in Brno a better experience for everyone.

What we do

In 2014, when we succeeded in our first elections, we initiated a lot of projects. The most successful ones include beginning the construction of a new concert hall and the social projects "Housing First" and "Rapid Rehousing".

We believe we're achieving our goal of helping Brno to become a friendly and confident city. We're happy that Brno is becoming multilingual and cosmopolitan again, due in part to people like you.

We try to help foreigners coming to Brno, whether as visitors or residents. We want everyone to feel at home in Brno, regardless of where they're from.

We organized bilingual pages and forms at the Brno-city website. We've arranged for the very first English-speaking civil servants at the registry office.

Our initiatives have resulted in bilingual tram schedules, transportation announcements, and other travel information, regularly updated; in bilingual open-air films; and in bilingual information at the swimming pool.

We also started some new local and international festivals in Brno:

  • Meeting Brno - commemorating Brno’s multi-ethnic history, and engaging in various topical social issues
  • Serial Killer - first festival of TV and online serial production in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Maraton hudby Brno - multi-genre conceptual festival, the largest summer music festival in Brno
  • Mendel je … - dedicated to Johann Gregor Mendel, world-renowned founder of modern genetics who conducted his important research in Brno
  • Uprostřed - cultural events in public places throughout the summer

How to register and vote

1 Can you vote?

All EU citizens with residency in Brno can vote in the municipal elections. This applies to people with Czech citizenship (občanství), people with permanent residence (trvalý pobyt) and also people with temporary residence (přechodný pobyt).

2 Got your certificate of residence?

If you have your certificate of residence for an EU citizen, then you're just one district town hall visit away from becoming a voter.

If you don't have the certificate, then follow the instructions to get one.

3 Register to vote

Make sure to visit your district town hall by October 1st and register to vote.

If you're uncertain about the correct office, use this form to search for it. Just type in your street name.

Print and fill out the voter registration form.

If you are not confident about your Czech language skills, consider printing out a letter explaining the purpose of your visit in Czech. Not all clerks speak English, so this could be helpful.

Remember to bring your certificate of residence, as the clerk will need to check it.

The whole process should take about 5 minutes at home and 10 minutes at the town hall.

4 Show up and vote!

Find your polling station and show up to vote on October 5th (2pm-10pm) or October 6th (8am-2pm).

The voting process takes about 30 minutes and you can help your city and have your voice heard.

Our candidates

Let us introduce a couple of our candidates that have chosen Brno as their place to live.

Anne Meredith Johnson

I think Brno is a beautiful and amazing city. I love that there is history around every corner – from the tall cathedral spires to the small stumbling stones. I also love how very much the city is alive in the 21st century – modernizing public transportation, making bike travel safer and easier, and opening its doors to an increasingly global world. When I moved here in 1994, my favorite food was fried cheese – and it's still a treat to get a fried cheese in a bun while waiting for the midnight bus. It's exciting to me that these beloved things remain, and are joined by wonderful new things. I think that Žít Brno embodies that combination – true love for the city, honest respect for the past, and a fearless focus on openness to new possibilities.

Emanuele Ruggiero

I came to Žít Brno as an independent candidate.

I am not a politician, I am a conscious european citizen.

Brno It is a city in favor of culture, individuals, families, there is more space for children and their happy growth. Public transport is phenomenal, health is excellent, studies with a good level of school and many possibilities. Not just for work but also for a better future to give to children.

Beyond having an Italian czech family, Brno has become my second city, and I feel very close to it and to feel like a Moravian.

I've been knowing Brno for 22 years and I've seen his epochal change, thanks also to foreigners. Here we live, work, pay taxes, contribute to its being today so much cosmopolitan. And this also means a greater culture, innovation, professionalism to offer to the important growth of this city.

I'm here because I want to help foreigners in their journey of acquisition and approach to this city, to be ready to understand the duties to be addressed, then to acquire their rights, in a peaceful exchange of new ideas, new energy, for growthing happy, together, learning its language, History, and tradition. To feel at home.

António Pedro Nobre

Moving into Brno as foreigner: finding a house, a job, paying taxes, social and health insurance, dealing with bureaucracy, building a family, understanding the Czech society and learning the language, history and customs, becoming an active member of the local community, has been part of my life for the past 13 years.

I have been and still go through many of the challenges that other European Union citizens face when they move into this city and my first hand experience can be valuable to help them to not only integrate in their new home town, but also to give their contribution to keep Brno a dynamic, challenging and competitive place both in European and Global level.

While living in Brno and the Czech Republic, I dedicated part of my professional career and personal life to break to help Czech and Foreigners understand each other better through documentary films, cultural events and lectures. Running as a candidate for the city council, is not a political move, but another opportunity to keep giving a voice to other foreigners that like me are proud live in Brno and want to make it the best place to call home.

I want more.

Vote on October 5 and 6.